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16 janvier 2011 7 16 /01 /janvier /2011 19:48

Bonjour à toutes !


Quelques précisions concernant les envois de mails.

Toutes les personnes qui m'ont fait part de leur intention de faire ce SAL ont bien été inscrites.

Comme vous êtes plus de 300 inscrites, j'ai rentré toutes vos adresses internet dans plusieurs listes de distribution.

Mais si tous les mails partent bien de chez moi, je ne peux pas savoir s'ils arrivent bien chez vous ! Et plusieurs m'ont écrit qu'elles n'avaient pas reçu le premier mail. Donc ne vous vexez pas , et veillez juste à configurer votre boîte de réception pour qu'elle accepte les mails venant de listes de distribution et vérifiez aussi que mon envoi n'a pas atterri dans les spams ! Et de toute façon, n'hésitez pas à m'écrire, je vous renverrai le mail, et à vous abonner au blog pour ne manquer aucune information !

Et merci à toutes pour votre enthousiasme !



Hello everybody!

Just a few details about the e-mails that are sent.

All those who asked to join the SAL were of course registered. As there are more than 300 persons involved, I had to set up several distribution lists with all your email addresses.

So if I know that all the e-mails are sent, I don't know if all of them are well received! And several people wrote to me saying that they had received nothing. In that case, please do not take offence , just check that your email box accepts messages coming from distribution lists and if my message did not get lost in your spams! And in any case, feel free to send me a message or a comment and I will send you the email again, and to subscribe to the blog to be sure not to miss any information.

And thanks to all for your enthusiasm!



¡Buenos días a todas!

 Algunas precisiones en referencia al envío de mis correos:

 Todas las que me habéis pedido poder hacer el SAL estáis inscritas. Sois ya más de 300 participantes inscritas. Por ello, he entrado vuestros correos de e-mail en diversas listas de distribución (para el envío de mis correos con los ficheros).

 Cuando os envío mis correos, no puedo llegar a saber si os llegan correctamente. Muchas me habéis escrito diciéndome que no os ha llegado mi correo. ¡¡No os pongáis nerviosas!!

 Primero, aseguraos de que en vuestra bandeja de entrada de los correos e-mail se aceptan los correos de las listas de distribución. Después convendría verificar que mi envío no esté en vuestro apartado de “spam” o correos no deseados.


 Si tras hacer estos dos pasos y si realmente no os ha llegado mi correo, no dudéis en decírmelo y os volveré a enviar de nuevo mi correo con los archivos.

 ¡¡No olvidéis inscribiros en mi blog, pues así no os perderéis ninguna información!!


  ¡¡Muchas gracias por vuestro entusiasmo!!


 Bonne journée à tous et à bientôt !

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Vicki beach 12/03/2014 01:46

Emmanuelle, is this chart still available? Mary Glover is beautiful! I saw it for the first time today on Facebook.

Laura Busby 15/01/2012 03:32

I would like to join this SAL, if it is not too late!

yoko 29/08/2011 18:19

  Thanks !!!!!!  Emmanuelle!!!!!!


yoko 28/08/2011 16:42

Hello Emmanuelle.      I'm sorry. . . I am Japanese. English is weak. I want charts
SAL Mary Glover.

yoko 27/08/2011 03:30

I will make this a design, you send a file?

Emmanuelle 27/08/2011 18:49

Hello Yoko! I didn't quite get the meaning of your message! Do you wish to stitch the model or do something else with it? What kind of file would you need?

yumimine 30/06/2011 03:21


I would like to join the Mary Glover Sal.

susan Cartledge 11/05/2011 15:35

i would like to participate in your sal please

Kim R. 26/04/2011 20:10

I would love to join in the Mary Glover SAL!

Thanks so much :)

Kelley Secrest 05/04/2011 13:56

Good morning to you!  Is it too late to participate in the stitchalong?  I love this beautiful sampler and would enjoy stitching along with everyone.  I know most stitchers are
halfway finished with their sampler but if it is not too late, please let me know.  Thank you so much - kelley

Lauren 04/04/2011 19:21

Salut Emanuelle,

Is it too late to join the SAL?  I'd love to participate, if possible!

Happy stitching,


Lisa P in Ohio 30/03/2011 15:08

Hi Emmanuelle,

I found a link to your SAL through Siobhan's blog "Notes from Blue Hen Hollow."  I am interested in joining the SAL if it's not too late.  Please let me know what I need to do to
join.  Thanks in advance!

All Best, Lisa

Deborah Osorio 20/03/2011 08:41

I would like to participate in the Mary Glover SAL, if it is not too late to join. Thank you. Debby

Cathey 14/03/2011 14:15

I'm not sure if it's too late but I would dearly love to join this SAL.  Thank you :o)

Chris O'Brien 10/03/2011 10:40

If it's not too late, I'd VERY much like to participate in your SAL.

Chris, in Australia

Gerri Graves 05/03/2011 19:39

I would like to join the Mary Glover SAL.

Thank you

Gerri Graves

Gaila Dianne 04/03/2011 22:45

May I participate in the SAL please?  It is very kind of you to do this.  Thank you.

Trudy Moye 03/03/2011 18:01

That would be great.  She doesn't have a problem with it.  Thank you again. I am so excited to start.  Sincerely...Trudy Moye

Trudy Moye 03/03/2011 17:10


I got the chart just fine through my daughers e-mail.....thanks you so very much.  I can't wait to get started.  Trudy Moye



Emmanuelle 03/03/2011 17:40

Great!! So if you're OK, I will send the next messages to your daughter's mail, and there will be an article on the blog too.

Lisa 03/03/2011 02:41

sorry I forgot my email is - xstitchmum@hotmail.co.uk

thanks again

Lisa 03/03/2011 02:38

Hello Emmanuelle

could I please join in with the Mary Glover sal? I have seen this sal on a few blogs and I really would love to stitch it too 

thank you  Lisa x

Belinda Betts 02/03/2011 03:42

Hi Emmanuelle

could I please join your SAL?  I've come from the Blue Hen Hollow blog.


Thanks so much


DQ 01/03/2011 23:30




Trudy Moye 01/03/2011 22:04

Dear Emmanuelle,

The e-mail for my daughter has changed....sorry I didn't know. She said to send it to agmoye@mail.usi.edu   This time it should work..As they say third time is a charm!!I am so sorry to
be such a pain.  Thanks Trudy Moye


Emmanuelle 01/03/2011 23:05

I tried again with this new adress, it seems to have worked! I hope you'll be able to start stitching very soon! Let me know if you got everything well!

Jenny Brooks 01/03/2011 17:42

Hi Emmanuelle...I would love to join your Mary Glover SAL...I saw this on Siobhan's blog and loved it! Can't wait to get going on it!

Jenny in Florida

Trudy Moye 01/03/2011 15:01


  I have an idea.  Could you try to send them to my daughters e-mail.  It is agmoye@my.usi.edu  If that doesnt work then we might try my husbands.  thanks for trying so
hard.  I am sorry to be such a bother.    Trudy Moye


Emmanuelle 01/03/2011 16:11

Oh oh, looks like it worked this time!! I sent the message to your daughter and it didn't came back!! Can you keep
me informed if all was received well? I will change your e-mail address for the next instructions messages and put your daughter's address if it doesn't bother her, or any other adress, tell me
what you prefer!

Jo Ann Roll 01/03/2011 02:45

I would love to join your SAL for the Mary Glover Sampler. It is a wonderful sampler. Thank you for your time,  Jo Ann

Tanya Pearson 01/03/2011 01:10

I would like to participate in the SAL. Thank you, Tanya

Kat Gillespie 01/03/2011 00:11

I would love to participate in your SAL.  Thank you very much!



Jans 28/02/2011 23:54

Hello Emmanuelle,

I like to join with you the Mary Glover Sal, may I joun with you?

I am Jans from the Netherlands.

Best regards,


Jans 28/02/2011 23:51

Hello Emmanuelle,

I like to join the Mary Glover SAL, may I join with you?

I am Jans from the Netherlands and I love the SAL.

Thank you.

Best regards,


Trudy Moye 28/02/2011 21:19

I did get your last e-mail.  It is my school e-mail so that might be the problem.  It is the only one that I have.  Sorry, but it seems to work.  Thanks Trudy

Emmanuelle 28/02/2011 23:22

Trudy, I'm afraid you didn't get the files and instructions. All the messages I try to send you are bounced back and for each I get a message saying that they are tagged as spams and rejected. I
have no other way to send you the charts. Maybe you can try to get them by someone you know who is doing the SAL too? Please tell me so that we can find a solution.

Trudy Moye 28/02/2011 18:50

I would like to join in on the SAL Mary Glover......Thank you, Trudy

Emmanuelle 28/02/2011 20:44

Hi Trudy! All the messages I tried to send you are systematically bounced back! Maybe you'll get this one. Please leave me another e-mail adress!

Rebekka 28/02/2011 18:42

Hi Emmanuelle. :) I found the information for your Mary Glover SAL on Siobhan's blog, and came to sign up for the SAL. Thank you for hosting the stitching for this beautiful sampler. I look
forward to stitching it. 


Rebekka :)

Trudy MacDonald 28/02/2011 17:25

I would like to join the Mary Glover SAL if I am not too late.  

Kathy Kelly 28/02/2011 16:11

Hi Emmanuelle, I'd like to begin the Mary Glover SAL!  Please let me know if you need any other information.



Jan 16/02/2011 14:21

Thank you for offering the Mary Glover Sampler sal..I would like to participate in stitching her, thank you,  Jan S

Paula 15/02/2011 18:39

Please add me to the Mary Glover SAL - thank you - Paula in Canada

Lizzy 14/02/2011 22:41

Hey I saw your lovely reproduction sampler on Siobhan's blog and I would love to stitch along with you if it's not too late to join.  Thank you and Happy Stitching!  

Tina Callaghan 14/02/2011 09:33

Hiya Emmanuelle,could i please join the SAL,have just seen it on Siobhans blog(hope it's not too late)



Barbara J 14/02/2011 02:00

Hello Emmanuelle,

Thank you for offering the Mary Glover SAL.  Very kind of you.  I would like to join if it is not too late.

Thanks again.



Bertie 14/02/2011 01:33


Is it to late to join the Mary Glover SAL?  I just saw this information on Siobhan's blog. If it is ok could you send me the information please.

Thanking you in advance.


penelope 04/02/2011 00:46

I would like to join the Mary Glover sal.


Angela 03/02/2011 00:22

Hello,  I just ran across your blog and it is wonderful!   I am particularly enchanted by the Mary Glover sampler.  I see you just started the SAL, is it too late to join?!



hélène2.3 26/01/2011 08:54

Je viens de découvrir votre superbe aventure en récupérant mon ordi après plus d'un mois de réparation... Est-il encore possible de rejoindre votre "bande" de brodeuses ? Si non, bravo en tout
cas pour votre défi : plus de 300 personnes à gérer, cela commence à faire !


Marie-Line 21/01/2011 11:41


Je viens de découvrir ce SAL, est-il encore possible d'y participer ?



Cloé 21/01/2011 11:38

Bonjur Emmanuelle, et félicitations pour votre blog, que je viens de découvrir sur celui d'Anna "Tempus fugit". Vous est-il possible de me faire parvenir le mail pour démarrer le sal ? Je vous
remercie, Cloé

Diana 20/01/2011 16:08

I would like to join the Mary Glover sal.



Emmanuelle 20/01/2011 17:03

Sorry Diana, I couldn't send you the mail, there must be an error in your adress! Could you please check it if you read this message?

Diana J 20/01/2011 16:05

I would like to join the Mary Glover Sal.

Monica Moura 19/01/2011 20:25

Bonjour Emmanuelle

I didn't receive any email. Could you please send me again? Merci!


Monica - monikinh@yahoo.com

Lily 19/01/2011 20:03


Je viens de découvrir ce merveilleux Sal. Est-ce qu'il est trop tard pour s'inscrire?

bonne soirée



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